Saturday, February 19, 2011


I am officially old. And I love it. Anyone that knows anything about Detroit knows that it's not the friendliest place in the world to visit. Driving there and parking you car is "just asking for IT". And you can just imagine what IT is.
My husband and I have long wanted to see a Cirque duSoleil show. Finally, one has come to Detroit.
Dralion is showing right now at the Joe Louis Arena, downtown on the riverfront.  

 So, how does this make me old?

 I took a tour bus down there to see the show.
A whole bunch of seniors and us. "There's young handsome men toward the back of the bus, ladies. Make them feel welcome."

It just made sense. No driving to Detroit, the tickets were $20 cheaper per ticket and no parking fee. We met the bus just a few miles from our house. After that, we just relaxed and enjoyed the show. Our seats couldn't have been better. Right center of the stage and up just enough that we could see everything.

You can't take pictures inside, but it was such a nice day to be downtown on the river front that I couldn't help myself outside.
Joe Louis Arena is famous for it's steep steps at each entrance. This is where the Detroit Red Wings play their home games and is one of the nicer things in this dilapidated old city.
I did sneak this picture of us during the intermission. I hope that I don't get arrested.

When we came out of the show, which was amazing, our bus wasn't there. We were left standing on the stairs waiting for it. So I ran across the street to the riverfront and shot this of the sun setting beyond on the bridge to Windsor, Ontario (Canada). For those that don't believe it, we'll recap.... the sun sets in the west. Yes, Canada is actually South of Detroit. 

Tonight, in just a few hours, we'll be going to see a show at a theater closer to home. My sister is the booking agent for this venue (Center for the Performing Arts) and was sweet enough to get us some great seats to "Aluminum" Which I believe is very comparable to a cirque show.
So it's a weekend of theater for us. Before we embark on yet another crazy week of celebrating lives. It's looking like we are going to busy this week. Maybe I'll come away with a few good stories for you.


Jim said...

What do you mean you have writer's block! You are BACK, Mister!
So Detroit is north of Canada? Doesn't sound right that way! But I believe you Stew.
Nice shot of sunset and the happy couple too.

sophie...^5 said...

I just googled the Detroit and southern Ontario area and you're right Canada does go south of you guys. Hmm..does that mean it's really warm there? ;-)

Stew said...

Warm? I don't know about that. But there are several islands in Lake Erie that are considered popular vacation spots for many Ontarians as well as Michiganders and Ohioans too.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you guys had fun!..and once again I'm jealous of the great pictures you got!

Coop said...

I've heard some nasty stories about Detroit. Glad you two had fun at the show.