Monday, February 21, 2011

Snow Day

I've now been up for 28 hours straight. After taking care of some business, I will finally take a break and get some sleep. I worked the visitation for "Big Dick" last night and he was pretty well behaved. The pressure of all that weight forces any liquid in your body, out. Unfortunately for us, it was leaking out his nose. I was able to keep him presentable for the viewing.
Since we were double booked for this morning, I sent a substitute to work his funeral. And I opted to cover one in another town.
After just 45 minute of snowing....
During the visitation last night, it started to snow. Now, keep in mind that we just melted off the foot and a half that had accumulated over the last month, two days ago. Well, we're back to a foot of snow again. It just kept coming all night long. Driving home was near impossible. I couldn't see more than 20 feet in front of the car and there were no lanes to follow on the freeway. What should have taken a half hour, took two hours to drive. Then I was off to work at the drug store with my nerves wound up so tight. I got out of there this morning with just enough time to  change my clothes, dig the hearse garage out and drive for an hour and a half (what should have been 20 minutes) to today's funeral.
I don't know how much of Detroit news gets out there in the real world, but we recently had a young man shot to death for the $95 that he was going to pay someone for one of those new android phones. The deal was made through Craigs List and the sellers never intended on selling anything. This poor young man met up with these guys with cash in hand and was robbed and shot on the street. This is the man that I buried today. It was very hard for his family to let go as he was only nineteen years old. His parents were a half hour late for the service because they just couldn't cope with the loss of their son. At the end of the service, when we were on our way up to the front of the church to wheel the casket out, the young man's brother jumped up on the alter and said to everyone, we will now open the casket and have everyone pass by and pay their last respects. (We already did that before the service) So we did as he requested. When everyone had their second chance to say goodbye, we closed the casket once again and proceeded to the cemetery. With the newly fallen foot of snow and a graveside committal with over two dozen cars in the procession, it was quite cold, windy, snowy and downright messy. But we got the job done.
I want to add that the two men that killed him have been arrested. It seems that the same technology that they used to set up the robbery is what got them caught. For future would-be Internet robbers, everything is traceable.
This all leads me ask the question, "Why are these kids so trusting on the Internet?" People in general are genuinely nice. But there is that small percentage that will beat you, rob you and even kill you without flinching. Trust is something that must be earned. It's when we forget this, that someone gets hurt.

As for the snow issue, the plow trucks have been busy and are doing a great job. We can almost see pavement again. But I will wait for tomarrow to venture out anymore. This time for a funeral of a long time family friend.


JustinO'Shea said...

WoW, Stew. . .you need some extra zzzzzzzzzzzzzs Hope yu make the time for yourself. . .
Interesting work you describe. Saw some of this in Six Feet Under. . . .And the CraigsList incident. . . horrible!

With all the heavy side (no pun intended} of life you deal with, you seem to do very well. Take god care. . .

Jim said...

Hi Stew, glad there are people out there like yourself who can `weather`all sorts of situations on a daily basis.
I suppose we`ll get all that snow when and if it heads this way! Thanks, you aim to please, I can tell! lol

Real cab driver said...

I left Ann Arbor during the first week of January, 1979, and never returned to Michigan.

You can get into trouble in Ann Arbor, nicey nice as it is. You can get into trouble almost anywhere in the Detroit area (I only say almost because there must be someplace, Indian Village perhaps....)

Years ago, I was walking down the street at the Eastern Market with a couple of friends, we were buying groceries for our Co-op in Ann Arbor. I needed a light for my cigarette, so I asked the next guy walking towards us for a light. He was smoking, so I knew he had a light.

It was 9:00 a.m. on a Saturday morning.

Guy was terrified!! Flattened up against the wall, put his hands up.... I said, sort of innocently, 'well if you don't have a match can I get a light off your cigarette'

Guy handed me a book of matches, his hand was shaking. He said he thought we were going to rob him. "Nope," I said, "all I wanted was a light."

I lit my smoke, handed him back his book of matches, and off down the street we went. The year? 1976.