Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Each day, we go into a different church. Each church has their own ideas of who God is to them. Also each day, we see the miracles all around us that is nature. Is that God? My husband poses this to the blog world....

Is it possible that someday there will be a theory (explanation) of God in science, and if this did happen would God still be classified as supernatural or would we reclassify him as a natural phenomenon. And most importantly can we ever classify him as a natural phenomenon, and now my head is about to implode, so I will say Auf wiedersehen for now.

one person responed:

I think this would fall in the category of meta-physics. I would not shy away from some evidence of a god or gods but I can't imagine what that evidence would be. I think first we would have to change our concept of what a god is.

another said:
I say just look to nature and the laws that it follows and you will see the evidence of God, or what we call god, in everything around us.

Some might say that the storm devastating most of the United States right now is God and he's mad. I welcome this storm. I see it as a chance to take a break from the everyday and do something a little different. I don't think God is mad at all. He's just sending us a message. What is that message to you? And do you think there could be an scientific explanation of God?


Jim said...

The 'message' I get is from within.....enjoy the slower pace that this storm brings upon civilization. I have always thought that storms serve a purpose, to give us all a time to STOP just for a second and take a nice long breath.
Oh, and isn't it funny how we immediately all assume the gender of a supernatural force is male.

sophie...^5 said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes Stew! I had so much fun!

Anonymous said...

"Whatever you do, you must remain nimble in your thinking. Do not become so attached to any one belief that you cannot see past it to another possibility." - Christopher Paolini