Sunday, November 20, 2011

First Stop: Costa Maya, Mexico

A busy week of work has kept me from continuing the story of our epic adventure. But I've grabbed a few quiet moments to catch up some.

The all important Pool
 When we left off, we had boarded the Norwegian Spirit and headed off to the Gulf of Mexico, down the mighty Mississippi River. We spent the rest of that day and all of the next day at sea.
Deck 7 was always a nice quiet spot to disappear to and relax
 This left us free to roam around the ship and get acquainted  where everything was and meet a few of our shipmates.
The ship's main lobby area
Our first towel animal of the voyage

The pool deck (12) at 3am after the 1st party
 On the 3rd day, we awoke to this view from deck 7. Costa Maya, Mexico. We had booked a private beach party with the group and we were all looking forward to setting our feet on land for a bit.

 Here we are still at the port and loving every second of it. Yes, that's a swim up bar.
We boarded a beat-up old bus and headed out into the wild. I understand that they had a hurricane blow through here just a few days before. But the devastation that we witnessed had taken years to get to that point. The town itself was almost non-existent. Just a bunch of abandoned old cement block buildings. Empty streets with the exception of the occasional stray dog. In time, I'm sure that the almighty American dollar will rebuild this town. But for now, I wouldn't recommend coming here without a plan ahead of time.
The road leading to our beach was rough. Often, it was washed out from the hurricane and the bus actually was driving on the beach itself. When there was a road, it was one lane and lined with shacks with laundry hanging out to dry. We arrived at the beach "resort" and were pleasantly surprised. It was small but very well maintained. Massages were available to those that wanted them and lunch and drinks were included. It was rustic and many Americans would not have liked it. But I was fascinated by it all. I love to see other parts of the world. And not just the touristy spots. I like to see how people live. I'll write more about my thoughts on that in future post. 

Here we also met more of our fellow travelers that I will introduce at a later time as well.
For now, I'll leave you with thoughts of warm temperatures, palm trees, coconuts, fresh Mexican salsa and a cold pina colada.

This truly was the brighter side of the grave.


betty said...

It does look really nice down there Stew! Surely an adventure to get to that one place though! If you don't post between now and Thanksgiving, wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving!


Jim said...

Stew, it looks like the start of a great trip! Looking forward to the other posts.
It reminded me of the trip we took to Venezuela a few years back. We too wanted to get out of the resort and see how the regular folks lived. And we did! It was an eye-opener for sure and certainly put a lot of things into perspective.

laurak/ForestWalkArt :) said...

oh i bet it did feel good to walk on solid ground for a while...and to get out the beaten path...

nice the palms and that flower! enjoying the warm breeze...the salsa & pina colada. cheers!

Eddy B said...

Stew baby forgot to mention that the Pena colatas were made with real coconuts, picked and opened on site.

MorningAJ said...

What a fantastic looking ship! I've always wanted to go on a cruise but never worked out where I'd like to go. I sort of want to do the one up the coast of Norway - but I wouldn't get the sunshine there.

I'm enjoying your trip second-hand though. :)

Unknown said...

Norway and the likes would be amazing. But for warmth you might try one out of Barcelona. I looked at one last year that went to France, Italy and Greece.

Unknown said...

And yes, everything at the resort was made fresh on site. You could even get fresh coconut juice right out of the coconut.

936000 said...

My favorite drink: Pina Colada. mmmmm. Lovely photos Stew, and I love that bloom-it's gorgeous!