Saturday, November 12, 2011

Halloween Cruise 2011

I need a rest....
So I've kept you all waiting long enough. I thought I'd put together a quick rundown of all the fun that we had on our trip.

On board our ship, was 500 gay and lesbian travelers. On a cruise ship that had 1500 passengers, you can bet that we made quite a presence.
On day two, my husband and I were approached by an older gentleman that was cruising with his wife. He asked us how he could get into our parties, because we looked like we were having more fun. He went on to tell us about his daughter that is gay and he felt it was wonderful that a cruise like ours is possible these days. He was excited to let his daughter know about it so she might be able to join a future cruise. Unfortunately for him, our parties were private.

Each night was a different theme for the parties.
The video below was day one.
Anything Rainbow.

Other themes were 70's Disco, 80's Night, Halloween (of course), Pirates of the Caribbean and Cairo nights (Anything Egyptian). There were two nights with no theme as well. The theme nights brought out costumes like I've never seen before. I'll try to get some of them posted in the near future.
Jason & DeMarco
The entertainment consisted of Our long-time friends Jason and DeMarco as well as a new friend, Josh Duffy. There were two big name comedians and the whole thing was MC'd by a well known drag queen and the dance tracks never stopped with our own DJ who you can see in the video.

We enjoyed a small film festival and were also shooting an "It get's better" video drama during the whole trip and the Advocate Magazine was doing and article on the whole thing.
Josh Duffy

With all that entertainment as well as the ship planned entertainment, there was hardly time to relax. But, I am Stew and I know how to relax when I need to. So I made time.
We visited four ports and had shore excursions at each one that I will have to tell about in another post. 


JustinO'Shea said...

WoW, STEW. . .thanks for your beginning [hint, hint] of the report on your Hallowe'en cruise. Looks like, sounds like fun. Hmmm, a 'mixed' passenger lists. . .1/3 gay and the rest str8. . .interesting. I hope the str8s knew beforehand of the "mix". . .woooo wooo. . hahahaaaaa. If they didn't. . .well, much the surprise. LOL
Nice too you got to meet up again with your friends Jason and deMarco.
SO. . how many costume awards did you guys walk away with , , ? :-))

Thanks for this. . .hope to see more. . .esp from the "on site stars". . .;-)
Justin said...

I'm one of your blog buddies. I'm not gay, but the cruise party sure did look like fun!

Lana :-)

MorningAJ said...

If I could type I'd be much better at this - sorry for the deletion (above)

What I TRIED to say was...

It looks like you had a lot of fun. Tell us more. Where were your ports of call?

Unknown said...

It was a ton of fun. There is so much to write about that I'm having to break it up in to pieces.

Lana, although the parties on board were private, all are welcome here on the brighter side. And I look forward to sharing everything with you all.

936000 said...

So glad you had both had a wonderful time. I am off to watch your other videos!

laurak/ForestWalkArt :) said...

sounds like a fun time...

i just can't get myself to consider the idea of being out in the middle of the ocean...on a cruise ship...
but from what i hear...once you're forget about THAT. it's so HUGE that you don't even know you're on the water!

'party on....' ha!