Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Recovery Time

I spend my days, especially lately, trying to keep up. making sure that my support staff (family) is being taken care of. I look out for my sister, who is still in the hospital. I look out for my father who is getting up there in age and having trouble dealing with my sister's condition. I look out for other sisters who are helping with Dad. And I look out for my dog Pugsley who is going to be eleven in a few days and is going through his annual shedding process. (If you could see my house, you'd think he blew up all over it) I also am maintaining all my work responsibilities and trying to advance to the next step.

Today, I got an email from a friend. And even though I've heard this from the hospital staff, I think that seeing it in writing made it a little more real. It read...

You are caring, giving and serving others all the time; you're such a gift.  Thank you.  
Question:  How are you getting nourished?  This is equally important as giving it.  Determine what is truly nourishing to your soul - prayer, meditation, yoga, exercise, music, nature - and be sure you incorporate some of that for yourself today.  We need you at your best.

This is something that we all need to evaluate in our lives from time to time. Rest assured my friends, my Edward is making sure that we have "our time". We are even planning a short escape end of next week to celebrate that I've made it around the sun one more time. It seems that these trips around the sun get more and more exhausting with each one. But yet, I look forward to each and every one.


Mark said...

Yep, I'll try to take that advice too! That was nice of your Friend to send that your way.
So tell me, is your birthday soon or did I just miss it? Either way, Happy Birthday!
Your Friend, m.

MorningAJ said...

21 again? Glad you're going to get a few days away. My three days in the 'pod' for my birthday were wonderfully relaxing. Enjoy.

JustinO'Shea said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, STEW. . . .you look none the worse for another trip around the SUN. . and all the people relying on your time and compassion. . . .in fact you look very good. . for a good look I clicked the photo to full size.. hmmmmm. . . uhuh! Does Pugsley allow you to use the metal comb on his coat? ;-))

I love coming to your blog. . the colors, setting, format is stunning. . .it's like a beauty-break amid the clutter of my work area, desk, with The End racing upon us! It is so noice here. . .;-). . . .Take good care of Everyone. . .;-) justin

John Going Gently said...

I like the email
a modern day version of jewish "chicken soup£ perhaps?

Unknown said...

It's good to know that my friends are looking out for me, while I look out for everyone else.

The upcoming trip is actually right on my birthday. I started a tradition years ago that took me away from home on that day. Last year was the first time that I broke that tradition. And that was because of my mother's death the day before.

Unknown said...

This will be the 25th anniversary of my 21st.
Something to celebrate, for sure.

Unknown said...

Shucks! I do try. But, truth be told, I have no time for sitting around getting old and fat.

My time, is the odd few minutes that I get to spend with my blog friends. I appreciate each and every one.

In some ways, I miss the rush of the school year end. At least you know that there is an end. But you couldn't pay me to go back and do it again. I'd say, you deserve that Doctorate by the time you get it.

Yes, Pugsley lets me use the comb. But his time limit is somewhat short. I thought I had it all last night. Only to wake up to what looked like a dead rabbit in the hall this morning. Oh! It's only where he stopped to scratch.

Unknown said...

Modern or old fashioned, I'll have some of that soup.

fromsophiesview said...

REST is SOOOO important Stew...I've learned this over the passed 4 years of taking care of Jim with his concussion and heart disease. I pulled away back from my "normal" activities..had to..so now I can say I made it around the sun again too!

Jim said...

I'm next! As I remind Ron so often to not forgot about his health and rest....I couldn't, as I'm sure your family Stew, get along as well as I did without his help.
So Stew, don't forget about YOU! You'll be no good to anybody if you are not looked after too!

Unknown said...

That my friend, is what LOVE is.

Unknown said...

And as much as Ron is there for you, you are there for your Dad. Inspiring!