Thursday, May 17, 2012

Week of Silence

Today, I break this week of silence that I have been observing on the blog.

Last year at 10:04am, my mother drew her last breath.
Today at 10:04am, this post will go live and this whole past year of first will come to an end.

The first Thanksgiving, the first Christmas, etc. And most recently, the first Mother's Day ... without my Mom.

I know that the pain will never go away. But at least we can stop saying, "This is the first..."

It's been a rough month remembering everything that we went through last year and working through this years issues. It's been especially hard on my father who along with the added grief of the anniversary of losing his wife of 58 years almost lost a daughter too.

Today starts a new beginning though. We will never forget, but we must move on.

Tomorrow after getting out of work in the morning, Ed and I will be taking the new car and getting away for a couple of days. I'm sure that you'll get the chance to read all about it.

Sunday, my father will attend one of my nieces' wedding. And then Monday, he will be going with my oldest sister to her home in Alabama while the sister that had the brain aneurysm recovers at home here. I don't know if he's looking forward to it as much as you'd think. But we have so many things to take care of at the house and with my sister that a little vacation for him will be just the thing we all need. And since my sister volunteered to take on his care for a while. It seems like a good idea.

My sister Elaine is doing much better. Still having some issues that hopefully will work out in therapy but a far cry from what it was four weeks ago.

So while today is a sad day of remembrance for us here on the Eastern shore of Michigan, it also marks what will be a new year of recovery. We're keeping our heads up and smiling into the wind like a dog sticking his head out the car window.
Hope you don't mind the slobber on the window.


MorningAJ said...

You're right. It doesn't go away. I still miss my dad every single day, but it's bearable now, and I'm more likely to smile than to cry when I remember.

Take care. Enjoy your time away, and know there's people out here who care.

Jim said...

Quite the year for you and your family Stew! Your Mom looks like a sweetheart! I can feel your pain Stew.
Your sister looks well and on the road to recovery.....good for her. She was very lucky as you know. We lost a good friend in October (58 years old) who also had an aneurysm but it was all over in 10 short minutes.
Have a wonderful break from it all Stew and enjoy yourselves!

Mark said...

Yes, what a year it has been.
I'm glad that you're moving on.
We all need to.
Take care.
Your Friend, m.

Mitchell is Moving said...

It's never really easy, but you're so right about getting through all those "firsts." Hope you guys have a wonderful little escape and that your family enjoys a year of great new firsts.

That corgi :) said...

You are right, the first year is the hardest with the year of firsts. It does get easier but it never gets better. Five and a half years later, I always remember my mom's birthday and the day she passed, almost like it was yesterday.

I am glad you wll have a few days to get away and maybe just relax a bit.

I do hope your dad enjoys his tme with your other sister. I am sure it is very hard on him with what he has had to live through this past year. Hubby lost his mom and dad within a month of each other last November and December; after 64 years together, we do believe his dad (died second) died of a broken heart.

take care of yourself