Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dying to save a few bucks?

This photo was taken in a Los Angeles cemetery and published in a newspaper many, many, many years ago.
We've kept the clipping around for the sheer amusement.

It reads....
"You can't take it with you- but you can save a lot getting there! That's the idea behind Budget Mortuary, which offers a low-cost alternative to today's sky-high funeral prices. Instead of riding in a fancy limousine style hearse, the dearly departed travel to their final resting place in a hearse that's a modified Volkswagon. Your wheels might not impress St.Peter at the pearly gates, but they won't break the bank either."

Of coarse today, if you don't want to pay for the hearse to take you out to the cemetery, we'll take you in the minivan. But please, be nice to your friendly hearse driver and use his services. You won't be needing the money any more. And I sure could use a bit.


936000 said...

Too funny!
Stew, does anyone use horse and carriage anymore?

MorningAJ said...

I've always wanted to ride round in a limo. Only time I ever did was my dad's funeral....... So not TOO skinflint, please!

Unknown said...

Meg, I occasionally work for a funeral home that has a horse drawn hearse in the garage. But they only bring it out for the town parade. It was owned by their grandfather originally.

AJ, I ran my families limousine service for years before getting into my current line of work. I can tell you that you're not missing much. But I can drive you in a funeral limo if you find yourself in S/E Michigan. It's nothing fancy, just extra long(and it comes with me as the driver).

Jim said...

This was funny! Bet there are a lot of those photos around, then again maybe not!

AJ-OAKS said...

Funny! And true! Can't take it with you. For me, my choice would be when I leave is to go horseback. Okay, that's going to be hard since there would be no way to sit upright, but being slung over the saddle is okay with me so long as the horse doesn't mind!