Thursday, August 25, 2011

A walk in the Park

There's nothing than I'd rather do more than take a walk in the park with my best friend.
When we arrived at the park down the street from our house, there were several cars in the parking lot and children running everywhere around the playground.
This worried me, because most often children will want to pet the furry beast. Only to be surprised by the biggest, meanest sounding bark they have ever heard.

 As we headed off down the trail and across the wooden footbridge that leads across the swampy area to the nature trail, I was delighted to find that the concentration of children was contained to the playscape.

The Pugs and I were free to enjoy the entire nature area by ourselves. 
I enjoy finding the gems in the weeds. Such as these flowers and he enjoys smelling where other animals have been and "watering" the flowers.

Along the way, we occasionally will find a few friends for him to visit with.
 He rather enjoys these types of creatures, whereas the children make him nervous.
He's always trying to find who's living under the bridges over the river. As I warn him not to go sticking his head in there.
He'd rather swim across, while Daddy would like to take the dry path.

You never know what's going to be waiting for you on the other side.
 Finally, when we reached the back of the park, is when Pugsley really enjoys himself. The cool dirt path under his feet beats the hot, hard blacktop any day. He's free to run around and play chasing the unsuspecting butterfly.
Then when he's all tired out, we head back home. Where he can dream about his experiences and wait in anticipation for the next visit to the park down the street.


MorningAJ said...

What is that gorgeous yellow flower? It looks huge.

Unknown said...

I'm not sure what it is. I was being attacked by mosquitoes when I took that. It was at shoulder height. I'm not sure if it was on a bush or vine. I know that it was rather large; about 6 inches maybe.

Anonymous said...

Jack said... what a beautiful park and a great day for a walk with your pal!

Anonymous said...

Jamie said... See, Pugs' bark is good for something: it keeps them pesky kiddies away. Good Pugz!!