Monday, September 5, 2011

More Love!

Everyone I know seems to be either looking for love or seeking a more meaningful love. 
What brings all the people to the funerals that I do each day?
Love! We come together in love to honor those that have left us.
I've yet to see a funeral where no one came to say good bye.
We are each loved by many people, and yet there are a lot of lonely, sad people out there. People who feel as though no one loves them.
Do you want more love?
The answer is simple. If you want more love, then you must give more love. There is more love available out there than any one person could ever handle. So give and take as much as you'd like.
Start with a smile to a stranger and go from there. Give a smile to the person in the car next to you. Give a smile to the clerk at the store. Say hello to people you may never know. By doing so, you will feel better and others will feel better as well. When we feel better, we are happier. When we are happier, we love more. 

This may seem obvious to a lot of us, but we could all use a reminder now and then.

So if you want people to be nicer to you and respect you, then do the same for them. You never know where it may lead.

Happy Labor Day to those here in the States. I love you....


AJ-OAKS said...

Great post. Kindness is the key. A smile goes a long way. This goes with the Golden Rule, " Do unto others as you would have them do unto you".

936000 said...

Great post Stew. I always try to be nice and chatty to the store clerks. They have a thankless job and most often have to deal with the worst in people. I still remember a few years ago I went to a store with another woman and she never even acknowledged the presence of the check-out lady. Never looked at her, spoke to her etc. I was horrified-truly horrified!
Much love to you and yours too Stew!