Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Here it is, almost October in Michigan. The nights are getting cooler and the days are not so warm any more either. I understand that autumn is in the air. That the end of summer has come. But tell me why the big maple tree in my yard is the only tree in the neighborhood that is turning color. While every tree around us is a lush dark green, my maple has turned a burning shade of red and is loosing it's leaves all over the garden and the cars. Now, before you tell me that it must be the species of tree, I present to you that the tree that was planted 200 feet away from a seed that came off from the flaming tree, is still green. What's up with that?!

At work last night, I was approached by one of my co-workers. She had been invited to another co-workers church on Thursday for what he calls a testimonial. So she asked what this testimonial was all about. He informed her that it was a young man in their congregation that had cured himself of homosexuality. That he wants to share with the world how he overcame the sin and remorse. How he is now a happy healthy and married straight man doing God's work.

I found it interesting that he is giving this testimonial to the church and not at the local gay and lesbian center. And that our co-worker chose to invite a straight woman to attend, not a gay man. You would think if he was doing God's work, he'd be trying to save me. Then it hit me. It's not about saving me or any other gay person in the world. It's about politics. If they can convince your average person that being gay is wrong, then everything that the GLBT community has worked for, for so many years can be reversed. Instead of loving everyone, like Jesus instructed, they choose to hate. Oh yeah, they'll love me and accept me, if I change my evil ways. Gay people come from straight parents. That's the way it works. If the parents don't accept a gay child, then maybe they will be able to convince that child to be straight. Why would you want to make your child suffer and hide who he or she really is? How is that loving your child? This particular church is advocating this type of behavior. They are advocating hate. In a time when there is too much bullying going on in our schools, we are teaching our children that it's OK to pick on that kid, because they are sinners and are going to die for their sins anyway. That's the cold hard truth.

At first I laughed off the mention of the invitation. But as the day wore on, it started to really bother me that this is going on right here in my own town.

I heard someone saying recently that an acquaintance had told him that the thought of homosexual sex disgusted him. I loved his reply. He told his friend that the thought of his parents having sex disgusted him but it was the ugliness of their sex that brought him in to this world, so he'll just have to live with it.


John Gray said...

I love the retort that gay men and women were "made" exclusively by straight people!!!!

oneSAHDdude said...

I found long ago that 'church people' spend way too much time meddling in other people's affairs. The teachings of Jesus and the prerogatives of churches don't seem to line up in my book.

If they really think gays need to be 'cured' then maybe they should look into their own souls first.

Stay true like Stew :-)

That corgi :) said...

that is interesting about the tree, Stew. Maybe a poor/different root system than the other one or it is positioned where it gets the cooler weather, thus putting it into a false autumn? Bet it is pretty with the colored leaves changing, though.


AJ-OAKS said...

I sit here shaking my head. Sounds to me like the guy who went, um, straight, is doing what he has been told to do by society. Because after all, the church knows whats best! Like hell they do! Sorry, but this has my feathers ruffled. That man is not truly happy and he knows it everytime he looks in the mirror. He is now living a false life. I feel sorry for him.
Okay, enough of my rant.
Not sure why your tree is turning colors so early. Hmmmm, maybe it just wanted to be the first for everyone to enjoy and remember.

Stew said...

Obviously, not all churches subscribe to this way of thinking. It's very sad to learn of this one the way that I did.

As for my tree, my husband tells me that it's the most fabulous tree around!

Stephanie said...

Hmm...I suppose I feel sorry first for "the gay man turned straight" like AJ said "the man is truely not happy" and secondly for the woman he is married to deep down she must know that she will NEVER truley make him happy.

As a parent I think Bullying is one of our biggest fears. Bullying a child or anyone for something that one can't help.

I think a lot of parents of GLBT teens, first have to come to terms with the fact that their child isn't going to grow up and be "like" them (assuming they are straight)and once that is over....the fear of bullying and discrimination sets in! You can't imagine what goes through a parents mind. It's only with a strong support system of friends and family that I think parents and their child can learn to work through all the ups and downs any kind of bullying! (I happen to have to very special people that have helped me more then they will ever know!)....because dang it they didn't send the owners manual with any of my kids!!

Jim said...

I'm with 'A-J' on this one!

As for the tree....question: it is 200 feet from the other one from whence it came, does one get more water than the other because of it's location? And also, is one lower than the other as in in a gully or lower area of the landscape? It is my unscientific belief that trees that turn colour before the others are either lacking water or get 'hit' by cooler temps before the others due to their lower 'situation'.
In any case, you got me thinking Stew.