Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Another day in the parking lot...

A guest post today, from Edward...

The rain was turning to snow as I stood at my post in the funeral home parking lot.
A car pulls in and I greet them with a smile.
" Will you be going in procession to the cemetery ?" I ask.

" Yes. "
 "Are you family or friends ? " 
" Yes. " 
"Which is it, Family or friends ? "
 "We're both. "
"Well then you're family, could you please park in the second row behind the red car"

 " Which line is that ? " 
"It's the middle row between the first and third rows. "
"Is that for family ? " 

" Yes it is "
 " OK then. " 
I watch with a smile as they park in the third row behind the dark green truck.


Mitch Block said...

Which one was the dark green truck? Argh...

John Gray said...

there is always one!

Stew said...

There's more than one. I've tried to adjust my questions and directions to compensate for these folks. However, this is all for naught when they don't listen to you at all.
My favorite is the ones that drive right past me and then ask as they walk by if it's OK to park where they did.

Jim said...

I'd be lousy at this being patient thing! Come on people 'SNAP OUT OF IT!! I wouldn't last a day! lol