Saturday, January 28, 2012


Rumors happen when people don't bother to get the facts.

Rumors are almost never correct.
Rumors should be avoided.
Unless Rumors is a Neil Simon play.
We have a small off/off Broadway type theater here in Mt.Clemens. Audience seating is less than 100 people. In fact I doubt there is room for 50.
We saw that  they were putting on this play when we were in town for New Years Eve and decided to invite our friend Jack for a night out. Jack recently had his knee replaced and was itching to get out of the house and try it out. Since our favorite french bistro is only a half a block from the theater, we quickly made reservations for Saturday night.

I really love this small little town that we live in. It has a completely relaxed feeling to it. Quite the contrast to Detroit which is only 20 miles away.
We enjoyed cocktails and dinner at Bath City Bistro before strolling over to the theater. Once again, the food was amazing. But more important, the warm and friendly company was a much welcomed break from our busy schedules. It was great to catch up with Jack.

The play was hilarious. If you haven't seen it, it is based on a group of people that assume the worst in the situations that they walk in to and then try to hide the "facts" from each of the next people that enter the story. Each one makes up something worse as they go and thus have more to cover up.

While the whole story seemed a little far fetched, it's easy to see how something like that can happen. Often people will jump to conclusions without having all the facts. And when the truth does come out, it really is nothing like what they thought. I believe that most people create 99% of the drama that happens in their lives. And unlike this play, it's not funny. Don't take on other's problems, they'll figure it out. What you do with your life, has little to do with what's going on in the world. And everything to do with what you see as possible.
And guess what.....
It's all possible.
So stick to the facts and enjoy the show.


John Gray said...

well said that man

Jim said...

I ditto John's sentiments! Stew, you have a knack to sum things up and get to the 'heart' of the situation.
Sounds like a good play, Simon was one of the best!
Back in the day, our favourite 'club' in town was called 'Rumors'!

Stew said...

We had a club called Rumors as well. Must be a common name for a place so many get in trouble at.

Jim said...

Trouble? Us?!

laurak@forestwalkart said...

i've heard of the club Rumors...and the play but have never been to either. Neil Simon's hysterical though.

beautiful n ight time picture with the snow, the twinkle lights...the cobblestones...where's the horse & buggy?!!

so, how did your friend Jack's knee do?? problems at all!

Stew said...

That's turned out to be the only snow we've had all year. Hardly worth the price of a new snow shovel.
Jack is loving the new knee.