Thursday, January 19, 2012


We were scheduled to arrive at the small town cemetery at the same time as another funeral home. The grave yard has two entrances. One off the coastal highway and the other off the road that ends at the shore. So we verified with the sexton that he wanted us to enter off the highway and the other funeral home to enter off the crossroad, coming from inland. We should not even see each other, as there is a creek and a wooded area dividing the two sides with a small bridge adjoining them.

The family of our deceased, lived just two blocks from the cemetery and upon learning that we would be traveling up the coast, wanted us to take the procession past their home. This request meant that we would make a left, crossing on-coming traffic off the highway, only to circle around and bring the line of cars back across traffic to re-enter the highway and continue our trek to the cemetery one block later. This in itself would prove to be a difficult task.

Then (stay with me here) we needed to make another left (crossing traffic again) into the cemetery. I felt sorry for anyone trying to drive down the coast. We managed to accomplish this seemingly impossible task without too many problems.

When we pulled into the cemetery, I was directed by the workers to the grave. As we approached the graveside, we noticed that the family did not follow us. They instead, turned the opposite way and headed across the narrow bridge to the other side of the cemetery.


Meanwhile, the other funeral home is on the other side of the bridge trying to get to where we are. Half of our procession continued across the bridge forcing the other funeral home back out on to the road. We then had to loop around and go back out on to the highway, make a right and pass the other procession, who was waiting for us to clear the way for them. But we couldn't move until they were clear of the driveway. It was a stale mate. All the while, we have traffic stopped on both the road and the highway.

We finally were able to get everyone moved far enough for them to get in to their side of the cemetery. We then were able to meet up with our family on our side.

A simple mistake made by the sexton effected hundreds of cars and made for one confusing day.


MorningAJ said...

Maybe both of the 'clients' wanted a last drive before they settled in? :)

oneSAHDdude said...

Stew, you should be an air traffic controller :-)

JustinO'Shea said...

Hmmmm. . .not really much experience in mid-life career advisements. . .but. . .ever consider Air Traffic Control at Chicago International. . .? It's just a few cars down the road from your Michigan home? LOL

You write well, I think. ;-) You paint word-pictures. . .quite the scenario you describe. I was "looking" at the facial expressions of the drivers in the other cars. . .
Ooooohhh, not noice. hahaa


Stew said...

What a drive it was!

Stew said...

I'd hate to see the day when I got frustrated and asked all the pilots to just stop all of their planes until I could sort things out.