Sunday, January 15, 2012


This is from National Geographic...

When you are born, you will share your birthday with 17 million people.
During your years in school, you will have an average of 17 friends.
By the time you are 40 that number will have dropped down to 2.
You will grow 950 km of hair.
You will laugh an average of 18 times a day.
You will walk the equivalent of 3 times the circumference of the Earth.
You will eat 30 tons of food.
You will drink over 9000 cups of coffee.
You will have one opportunity in 10 of getting electrocuted.
You will spend an average of 10 years of your life in work,
20 years sleeping,
3 years sitting on the toilet,
7 months waiting in traffic, 
2 months waiting on hold on your phone, 
12 years watching TV
... and 19 days looking for the remote.

This leaves you with one fifth of your life to actually live.....

So what are you waiting for?

6 comments: said...

Well, I never let myself be put "on hold" unless I'm busy multi-tasking. I can never just "sit" while "on hold." I have to make the MOST of the "on hold!"

And, I like the sleeping and the dreaming and the letting my body heal. That's actually a good part of living...catching a break.


Mitch Block said...

For starters: I think I was short-changed on the 950 km of hair.

Jim said...

I'm with Mitchell on this one! But I think I had my 950 km in the 60's/70's! lol
Great stats Stew!

MorningAJ said...

Some of that 'living' has involved eating good food and drinking good coffee.

And I think I'm having someone else's share of waiting in traffic ......

Interesting stuff though

Stew said...

I would agree that good coffee IS living.
And I probably have taken more that my share of the hair growth guys.
But AJ, the traffic is all yours. ( I just turn on the purple strobes and people get out of my way.)

laurak@forestwalkart said...

after reading these stats,
i feel tired.

tired of eating,
sitting on the toilet,
letting my hair down,
watching tv,
using the phone,
(not necessarily in that order!)

i think i need a nap. :]