Friday, January 27, 2012

One Last Look

I've been under the weather all week. Mostly a sinus infection that has affected my ability to speak. Good thing this blog only requires typing.

Today was my first day back to work and I barely made it through.
Tomorrow, the movers will be at my Dad's apartment early in the morning to finish moving the big stuff.
So tonight was his last meal in the restaurant on the first floor of the senior living community.
When I told the chef that today was going to be the last, she told me that she had something special planned for him. You see, it is rare that someone moves out of there and actually gets to walk out.
He's been quite lonely since my mother passed in May and is looking forward to being around his family every day. Sitting in that apartment that they shared together was eating away at him and he really needed the change.They have lived there for almost 4 years, which is longer than most residents. It was a beautiful apartment. Considered "the Penthouse" by all that live and work there. It is on the top floor at the end of the building. Slightly less than a thousand square feet with two bedrooms with walk-in closets and kitchen and large living room. Each room has an amazing view of the small lake and island that is a city park. All the windows face East and afford spectacular sunrises over the city skyline. At night the lights from the condos across the lake reflect and dance on the water.  On this day, a light dusting of snow had fallen and coated the frozen lake.
 It is a view that we will miss as we enter this next chapter of my Dad's life.

But for today, as we entered the dining room, we were greeted with a champagne toast. Then a pianist started playing classic tunes from the past that had everyone tapping there toes and dancing in their seats.

My Dad ate up all the attention that everyone was giving him as well as the fresh lemon pepper white fish that the chef prepared only for him. For desert he was presented with the biggest bowl of strawberry ice cream with four huge strawberries on top. The woman that sits with him at dinner each day, sat there crying the entire time and couldn't eat her dinner because she was so upset to be losing her dinner buddy. My Dad is not one to show a lot of emotion but it was difficult for him to hide what he was feeling. There was sadness, there was gloating (the fact that he was getting out of there on his own two feet). I quite enjoyed when he said to one woman..."Do you know that I'm 88 years old?" Her reply was "Are you complaining or bragging?.... You're a young one.... I'm 94!" She then kissed him on the lips, he turned red and she walked away.

Since I had a little more packing to do anyway, I suggested that he go and play bingo after dinner. I finished up what I could, packed an overnight bag and we left to go to the new house. But not until he took one last look at that amazing view. He's spending the  night in the guest room because his things won't be delivered until tomorrow sometime.

This is going to be a good move.

Here's Dad at his 88th birthday party just last week....


MorningAJ said...

Sorry you've been feeling poorly. I'm glad you're feeling better - even if it's a slow recovery.

It sounds like the move will be a good thing for your Dad, though I think he'll miss a lot of things about it too. said...

Wow. Your dad looks amazing! You are such a sweet son to be so compassionate to the little things that your dad is going many things that are beautiful notes you've made.

I wish you the best and hope you start feeling better soon!


Stew said...

No doubt , there are things he'll miss. At 88 he's learned nothing last forever. But he's never shown fear when it comes to change.

Stew said...

He is a couragous man. I know he takes comfort in the fact that we'll all be there for him.

Jim said...

How sweet is this! Stew, your father is so fortunate to have the family he does and to 'take him in' at this point in his life.
You know we do the same for my Dad and it is so rewarding and heartfelt to see this happening to another older person. Good for your family!

laurak@forestwalkart said...

that's nice...your dad's a lucky man to have you. he looks great!!!! it's good that you're able to spend time with him.
i sure hope you're feeling better....
i've kind of been under the weather too...and am trying to catch up with some blog reading!