Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sliding in to 2012

Pugsley wanted to show everyone his favorite thing at the local park. Unfortunately, I have developed a habit of not taking my phone, camera or video camera with me the last week or so. So I could not record the fun that he was having or the amazing sunset and start of some really thick snow flurries.

So I searched the memory card for this day at the park last year with a foot of snow.

He loves to run and play like a little child. He will go down this slide over and over again until I beg him to move on to something else. He doesn't like it though, when all those pesky children are playing on his playscape.

We both hope that your year is off to a playful start.


1 comment:

Jim said...

That is too cute! What a smart fella he is! Wonder if Sophie would do that? Probably not.