Saturday, July 23, 2011

AA Meetings Angry Clouds and big yellow cotton balls

So the day started out pretty normal. We were expecting a small service at the funeral home that lets the church next door use it's parking lot most of the time. We'll when we have a service going on, we need our parking lot for attendees as well as lining up for the procession to the cemetery. I had forgotten that the church host an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting every Saturday. That is until suddenly I was overwhelmed with cars that seemed to be parking every which way where ever they wanted. I was trying to direct the Alcoholics to park in the church lot when the people attending the funeral started walking toward the church instead of the funeral home. So I quickly redirected them and got the stray parkers headed in the right direction only to turn around to find two more cars had pulled in to park, right in the middle of my lot. I was happy to see 10am roll around and I left them all on their own out there. My people were all inside and I was confident that the others would not be in the way as their meeting had started as well.
The weather called for scattered storms today, but otherwise a nice partly cloudy day. As I drove back from the cemetery, I noticed these little angry clouds and, I think for the first time, understood when they say, scattered storms. They were almost cute, hovering over the border between Michigan and Ontario. I think we dodged those ones but look out Canada, these little guys don't look happy.

Those little clouds reminded me of two weeks ago when after a huge storm rolled through, we went outside to find this going on. This was the actual color of the sky and these low laying clouds looked like big cotton balls. 

Never seen anything like it before.

Nature is wonderful sometimes.



MorningAJ said...

Those yellow ones are stunning - but a little scary. Sort of apocalyptic.... Glad you sorted out your AA crowd from your mourners. :)

John Gray said...

actually scary

is it a pollution issue or natural?

Stew said...

That yellow is natural. And described by the weather man as similar to what you see with a rainbow. We were just getting the one color cast across the whole area instead of the standard rainbow. It was pretty spooky though. At first you think, "Is there something wrong with my eyes?"

Calling Ravens said...

Where I grew up in Illinois, if you saw that sickly yellow-green sky, there was a tornado somewhere close!
I am glad you haven't had any bad storms; I don't miss them at all!!! (many exclamation points).

You do have adventures in parking lots, don't you? Jimmy Buffet then and on to AA. Kinda goes together.....