Saturday, July 16, 2011

More Fish Flies! and more Details.

OK. I jinxed myself. In a post earlier, I wrote of my memory of working at a drug store in St.Clair Shores and they made me clean up all the dead fish flies every morning. Well, while my mother was dying in May, another store in our district was kind enough to send someone over to cover my shifts. So when she wanted to take a vacation, they called in the favor. I  don't like to work five days in a week(at one job), but I felt as though I owed them a favor and said that I would do it. Little did I know that the store was in St.Clair Shores.

Less than a mile from the lake, the fish flies were thick. I didn't even park under a light and when I came out in the morning, my car was covered. On the midnight shift, we go through the whole store straightening and stocking, getting the store ready for the next day. Let's just say that these little critters don't stay outside. Every shelf in the place had fish flies on them. You'd go to pull the merchandise forward and get yourself a nice handful of dead fish flies. And sweeping out the vestibule was a delight. They stink and they are just plain gross. It's fun when they're not quite dead yet and they fly up and land in your hair. I had to change the vacuum bag half way through the job of sucking them all up.

The company has built a very nice store there on a quaint little blvd. It's a nice town overall, built around boating and fishing. The sunrises are nothing short of amazing, every day! The customers that came in this morning were buying such things as sun glasses, sun screen, ice, and picnic supplies. Everyone enjoying the summer weekend. Now, if they could just do something about the those fish flies, they'd have something really special.

By the way, An update to the "Details" post, I finally got through to the funeral director on Friday morning. She was wondering where I was and when I was going to get there. She meant to say Friday, not Thursday. I quickly through myself together and rushed off to save the day. All went fine and no one was the wiser.


That corgi :) said...

Glad you and the funeral director were able to connect and find that it was her "confusion" about the days and not something you had gotten wrong. Glad it also worked out that you were able to provide the services needed.

I'm sure if you never saw another fish fly in your life, that would not make you sad or disappointed. They do sound dreadful.

Hope the weekend is a restful one.


Jim said...

Still can't get my head around all those flies!
Birds must have a 'field day' with these things.
That lake sounds really nice.

Calling Ravens said...

Ick and might I say poo!
But at least you got to see some amazing sunrises! Great photo!
Hope you had a great weekend!
meggs. xx