Saturday, July 23, 2011

Midnight thoughts

As I sit here on the patio enjoying another starlit night with a beautiful half lit moon, I can observe the millions of stars that have guided sailors and explorers for centuries. I can also see off in the distance the lightning strikes from the storm that is hitting the city of Detroit at this moment. But here in my quiet neighborhood, hidden somewhere along the coast, just Northeast of the blighted city, everything is peaceful. The fountain is trickling and the garden lights are highlighting all the hard work that my husband has done in the yard. It's three am and the temperature has dropped to 73 degrees. Making it a perfect night for relaxing on the patio. My dog sits by my side in anticipation of whatever move I may make next.

It's a stark contrast to last night. I was hired again to chauffeur  some people to a concert yesterday. It was Jimmy Buffets annual concert at the most popular outdoor theater in Michigan. As with every year, there is a huge tailgate party preceding the concert. This year, what made it so interesting is the fact that it was 100 degrees. When you get that kind of heat combined with people drinking, there is plenty of opportunity for some problems. My group, being of the responsible nature, knew how to stay hydrated and behaved. We were also parked in the VIP parking section where there were limousines and tour buses galore. And while there are always some people in that group that can't handle themselves, the sea of limos around ours were pretty well under control. In the general parking however, was a whole different story. I wanted so badly to pull out my camera and start snapping pictures of all the happenings. I was however trying to be somewhat professional. I am so glad that I am a private driver and not some rent-a-driver from a limo company though. I was able to wear appropriate clothing for not only the heat, but the Jimmy Buffet crowd as well. The other drivers around me were all sweltering in their uniforms. I was there in my lightweight slacks and a Hawaiian type shirt. Yeah, they all laughed at my small limousine at first, then they saw how comfortable I was and the jealousy started to show.

So with the people that I had in the back last night, I was thinking that I had the beginnings of a great joke, but I just can't seem to come up with the rest of it......" So there was a gynecologist, a judge and a mortician in the back of a limo........"   Feel free to finish the joke.

By the time I dropped them each at home at one in the morning, the temperature had fallen to 85 degrees, making tonight's temp feel almost cold. This coming from someone that endures Michigan winters every year. Tonight is quite beautiful. I am just killing time until I have to be at the morning funeral. I'll be leaving here in just over 5 hours so there is not much sense in sleeping. So, I'll just hang out with you, if you don't mind.

I've been doing some thinking as of late. Thinking of why I do this blogging thing. Sometimes it seems as though I am just trying to add one more thing to my already busy life. Sometimes, I think that the work that I do isn't really all that interesting and who would care. And still other times, I look at the numbers. I see that there are not that many hits to the site and still fewer followers. Is it all worth it? And that's when I realize that yes it is. There are always those times in the business that there are stories that you just can't make up. Stories that have to be told. I write this blog, not to take up more of my valuable time. But to help me sort through my daily thoughts. I see a lot of death and that has made me more appreciative of life and all the wonderful things that life has to offer. And even if I had only one person that ever read my writings, I hope that one person will come away from the Brighter Side of the Grave with a better appreciation of life as well. So, whoever you are and where ever you are, I thank you for reading. I know that I do a lot of good with the work that I do. I don't doubt that. I am grateful for the chance to share with anyone who would wander across this little bright patch of life.


That corgi :) said...

Glad to hear people were responsible to hire a limo for the concert and them be able to party (responsibly) without the ramifications of drinking/driving. But with the type of people you had in the back of the limo, it does seem like they would have been of the responsible type.

I do enjoy reading your blog (ergo why I'm reading it when I'm supposedly on a blog break). But I find the blogs that don't get a lot of traffic and write from their heart or their thoughts are often the most honest and full of wisdom. I think a lot of us (me) get trapped in blogging what we want people to read because we get trapped in numbers of followers/comments and can't write a sorting out of our thoughts like you do. That's why I keep a private blog that a few only know about for those thoughts.

Death is part of life. I've said it before, we do put too much stigma around it, but the statistics stay the same; 1/1 people will die.

I type medical reports for a living (what doctors dictate after they see a patient). I have fascinating stories I could write but can't unless I fudge this and fudge that because of HIPAA and confidentiality. So I don't write often of it, if at all.

Anyway, I do enjoy your blog and I'm glad I stumbled upon it. Keep writing what you want when you want and I'll probably be reading it; maybe not commenting, but definitely reading it.


MorningAJ said...

Hey Stew. I always enjoy dropping by here because you always have something positive to say - and I need that. Thank you. Hope the concert was good.
Take care.

Calling Ravens said...

A lovely post! I hope you enjoyed the concert itself!
I do enjoy your blog and am glad you blog and share your view of the world!
Thank you!

Cassie said...

Wandered over here from my friend John's blog. I like the brighter side! (Was a parrothead when younger. Still love JB.)