Monday, May 16, 2011

The Adams family..

While it's been difficult doing this blog challenge while my mother's health has lead us to the end of her life. I have been able to find some pictures a little easier since we were already getting them out for a photo tribute to Mom. Day 26 is to post a photo of my family. The photo that I have was taken at my brother's wedding a couple of years ago. What a wedding it was. Instead of a limousine (my family used to own a limo service) we opted to use the hearse. (scroll to the bottom of the blog to see photos of that) We did behave ourselves long enough since we were all together and we managed to get a few shots of my parents and all of their kids that they had together. It doesn't include my brother that was from my father's previous marriage. But everyone else made it. Can you spot me?


MorningAJ said...

Family photos are all the more special at times like this. Take care.

Jim said...

What a great looking family Stew! And so many! I see you up there on the left. Your Mom looks very happy there. All the best.

That corgi :) said...

I spotted you before I read the previous comment about where you were located in the picture. Your parents make a good looking couple and your mom's smile is so very pretty. Very beautiful woman!

I am sure it was a very special time for all celebrating your brother's marriage! One will be remembered for a long time!


Calling Ravens said...

Great photo. Since I come from the Midwest also, I am imagining that it is quite um, boisterous, when you all get together. Looks that way anyway!

Anonymous said...

I still laugh every time I think of your brother's wedding and the coach!

- Jack