Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I wish...

Are we "too gay"? Our current selection of bulbs for the string of lights running from the tree in the front garden to the entry gate proudly boast the colors of the rainbow. The colors of the gay pride flag. With a rainbow windsock hanging next to the end of the string.
 Our whole neighborhood knows us. I am one of two of the only original people left in the neighborhood. We have made no effort to hide who we are from anyone. In 2005, when we got married in Toronto, we had a reception BBQ right here in our yard with the rainbow flag proudly flying.

Day 29 of the 30 day blog challenge ask me what my 3 wishes would be. First and foremost, I'd have to wish that discrimination of anyone based on something that they can not control would vanish. People like me would never have to wonder "Does this look too gay?" We would never have to worry if someone was going to get a crazy idea and decide to vandalize our home or hurt us or our dog.
The lot next door
 My second wish would be that dandelions grow on a dandelion farm and not in the vacant lot next to my house. They have a beautiful cushiony bloom that would rival any flower. However, what they do to your lawn when they are all said and done is a crime.
Our prize winning grass

My third wish would be that life was 10 % longer. I hear almost on a daily basis and now, I understand it more realisticly. There is always just one more thing that you wanted to say or to finish. Always something else, if there was a little more time.

Have a great day everyone. These wishes of mine are for you too.


MorningAJ said...

Being against discrimination based on 'something you can't control' implies that it's OK to discriminate against people for some things. But who's to decide what can and can't be controlled. There are those who think that sexuality is a lifestyle choice. They're wrong, but you can only hope to educate them. It would be much better if everyone stopped discriminating against people for ANY reason.

JustinO'Shea said...

Do you think people discriminate against others who frighten or scare them? Or to be more honest, in the first person, Do I discriminate against people who scare/frighten me? If so. .

I would add this wish to your/my list: That I would mature enough that I do not need to compare myself with others. .then likely I wouldn't discriminate. Or am I being too simplistic?

Or to this other question: Am I too gay? Which for me = do I care too much what others think of me, about me?

Which means I really do want to be accepted. . .
by others. Of course "I totally accept myself."
DO I? Then, why the questions? hmmmm. LOL
~~~ justin
I won't touch the dandelion issue. . .hahahaaa

betty said...

I like all your wishes. Discrimination is such a hard one to fight no matter what one discriminates against. Sometimes it is soo rooted into their very person why they discriminate, often engraved as a young child growing up in their parents' homes that they carry with them through their adult life and then perhaps pass on to their children. I'm getting better about discrimination but it has taken a long time to get there.

Dandelions are always cute but not in one's own lawn.

I wish we learned how to live life better. We take it for granted some times thinking it will last forever. (well it will put in a different capacity). I think we need to treasure it more and treasure our loved ones and friends more and make each day count and not wish it away, waiting for the kids to grow, waiting for vacations, etc. But enjoy each day for what it is. A wonderful gift.

may this day be a wonderful gift


John Going Gently said...


I am a Shelley Winters fan.......

hummmmm perhaps I am

936000 said...

Stew, my dear, all of your wishes are lovely wishes indeed.

Just make certain you do clear that bucket list in that 10% extra time! lol!