Friday, May 6, 2011

Beautiful day for a funeral

Tuesday, it was cold. It was raining, sometimes very heavily. For some strange reason, I didn't take a coat with me. I guess I was thinking that it's May, how bad could it be. There was no line up of cars, so I didn't have to stand outside. We were to meet the family at the cemetery for the burial service. Well, the service at the funeral home ran long and then they went for lunch. They were nearly an hour late for the burial. So I got to enjoy the weather way out in the country where evidently they don't even grow trees to stop the wind, while I waited for them to get there.

Not to freeze myself twice in a week, Thursday I took a sweater and my coat. Wouldn't you know, it was in the high 60's and sun as far as you could see.

If all the days were like that, I'd work every day.

I was supposed to write about nicknames today. But the truth is I never really had one that stuck. Various people would try to give me one but they never really caught on. I'm sure there was something from my baby days, but it was never really relevant. Often teachers in school would get confused by the fact that I only answer to my middle name. But after a day or two, they really wouldn't care. So then I thought I'd do something clever like write about other peoples nicknames, but found that a little corny. So I'll respect your intelligence and let this one slide.

On a different note, I received a phone call last night at 8:30pm. My mother was having what they called a stroke. It turns out that it wasn't a stroke at all but instead, a heart attack. She was stabilized rather quickly but since she has asked not to be resuscitated, there wasn't much anyone could do. I left her side at about 1:30am and she was resting. It was very nice to see that the entire family reacted and showed up to be by her side. We have called and even met with hospice and will follow up this morning with what the plan of action will be. What's funny about the whole thing is that the nursing home called me yesterday afternoon to tell me that they plan on releasing her to go home on the 18th. She has been doing well with her therapy and they felt that she was almost ready. I'm going to try and keep this challenge going. But I'm sure that you will all understand if there is a gap.



Calling Ravens said...

Absolutely will understand and will be keeping you and yours in thoughts!

That corgi :) said...

I am sorry about your mother, I hope whenever it happens, though I am not wishing for sooner than later, I hope it is peaceful for her and that your family will feel the love and support of dear friends and other family members as you go through that time.....

Sometimes I think it is good not to have nicknames. Sometimes they stay around longer than a person wants them to.

take care of yourself


MorningAJ said...

It's a few years now since we were waiting on the powers-that-be to decide when Mum's turn would come. It's inevitable but it's still hard on the ones who are waiting.

Take care.

Stew said...

Thank you all for your kind words. We all know what the end outcome will be and have made our peace, each one in their own way. And with me working in the business, it's comforted everyone else knowing that she will be taken care of. My goal until then is to make her feel loved and appreciated and ensure that she is in no pain.