Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Fire on the Eastside, it's a good thing

I love Mexican Food. If you were to ask me on any given night where I'd like to eat, I'd always pick a Mexican restaurant. Unless I'm in Toronto.

Day eighteen of the 30 Day Blog Challenge ask me; Where's my favorite place to eat. My Dad comes from Arkansas and owned a couple of Chiropractic Practices in Louisiana a long time ago. But even when we moved from there to Michigan, we brought a little of the south with us to every dinner served in our house as I was growing up. It's a wonder that I am not 300  pounds.

 While in Toronto one day, I stumbled across this little place just off of Yonge St. on Gloucester St.. "Fire On The Eastside." They serve southern American cuisine with a Cajun flare, right there in the heart of Toronto Canada. Every meal that I've been fortunate to experience there is ecstasy in your mouth. My first experience was a banana bread french toast with peach yogurt on it with maple glazed sausage. I thought I'd died and gone right to heaven.
It's an easy place to miss. I actually walked right past it the first time. But if you ever find yourself hungry in Toronto, it's worth the search and the price. Be warned that on the weekends, you may need a reservation. It's that good.

Some list that I've seen for this challenge put number 18 as "something you regret" Since I tend to live my life with no regrets, I chose to keep this one in the mix instead.

What gets your mouth watering?


That corgi :) said...

That does sound like a great place; french toast with yogurt on it sounds delicious! I'm sure the sausage was so tasty. Now I'm hungry, LOL. I'll have to keep that place in mind if we ever travel up that way.

Best Mexican food I had was when we lived in Santa Fe, nothing compares to some of the things we had there that I have tasted elsewhere.

enjoy the day


Calling Ravens said...

What gets my mouth watering (presently) is bread. I've cut my carb intake down and I miss bread! Some bloggers I follow make their own bread and then post photos and I could swoon!

oneSAHDdude said...

Darn it Stew, I'm waaay behind on your blog. I'll have to set aside a day and a half just to catch up on your 30 days of posting. Maybe that will finally inspire me to kick start my posting again; especially since Good Eats has ended and that blog may flitter away.

We eat a lot of Mexican food too, though not quite as fancy as your little North of the Border restaurant :-) Two tiny new places have opened in the Romeo area that I've been meaning to try.

If meggs needs some carb craving pics, here's a bread pudding i made recently: