Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Favorite City

 I like where I live. I have everything that I need within just a few miles. As long as I have a car and can drive, I'll be just fine here. But, as I am reminded everyday with my mother's condition, I won't always have those luxuries. I hope to be in a different place by the time I reach that point myself. If I had to pick a place to retire to and live out my days, I'd pick Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Yup!
I love the city life. The country is great to unwind in but there's nothing like a city. There is always something to do. Transportation is plentiful. For the most part, people are friendly in Toronto.

For me there's a sense of belonging when I am there. I like the fact that everyone works together to get things done. It seems in the suburbs and even small towns that everyone is out there for themselves and no one else. But when you get on that subway or even take a cab, you know that everyone is trying to go somewhere and we'll all get there just fine if we don't push and shove. At times driving around here, I feel that I am in the way of all the other people. No matter how fast you go, someone is always pushing you faster. I've never gotten that feeling in T.O.
 Their acceptance of gay marriage in 2005 prompted us to get married and send a message back to the States that it is something that we want and deserve and we are willing to go out of the country to do it. We were married at the city hall pictured here. Then had a reception dinner at the top of the CN Tower overlooking the city and Lake Ontario.
The following day was the diversity parade (gay pride parade). I like to say that over a million people came to my wedding.
Church Street in Toronto has a nice village feel to it where there are several gay owned and operated businesses. But you can feel safe anywhere in the city holding the hand of your husband without feeling like you will be beat up.

For now, I have to be content with my visits to the city. But someday, I'd love to live there.



JustinO'Shea said...

Hi Stew:
Interesting to read your WHYS about T'ronto . .;-)
Surprises me a bit but. . .as I think. . you were married there and that is at top of list for you, so I can see that. ;-)

I was there only once for a meeting at Univ. of Toronto { hmmm. . .was i actually in Mississauga ?)
Anyway of course we had to do a couple visits to Church St.. . .the infamous 'Liberty St.' of QAF tv series. . . It was fun. . .comfortable. . as it is at home in Provincetown.
I've not thought about 'retiring'. . .I'd need something to retire FROM. . .LOL Who knows "where life goes"?

Carry on! {confident you }

That corgi :) said...

Do hope that you will be able to retire there. Never been to any part of Canada, so it was good to read your perspectives about Toronto. I also think it is wise to think ahead of where you want to retire and make plans sooner than later since time does seem to be going incredibly fast these days.

take care of yourself.....


Calling Ravens said...

That is so funny as I have had living in Canada on my mind for a bit. I've never been; when I was younger I had planned a trip to Nova Scotia, but fell ill instead. :)
Now that I am older, I don't want to be cold anymore so I don't know that I would want to live there but I would LOVE to take the legendary Trans-Canada rail tour. Saw it on a PBS show and fell in love.

Mounties would be nice too. Yum.

I will chuck in my finger crossed you live there someday!
meggs xx

Anonymous said...

Jamie wrote: "Remember that when you move there be sure to have a guest room for me!"

Anonymous said...

David wrote: "i don't know... Toronto is ok, but i like Sydney better."

Stew said: Yep. I hear there. But Toronto is closer to my family. Sydney is warmer though but, unless your moving to Sydney too, I'll stick with T.O.

@Jamie - There's always room for you in my house.

Not that I'm going to retire anytime soon. But a boy can dream.

Anonymous said...

Jack wrote: "Long way for me to go to dog sit!"