Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Morning storm and favorite photo

Sorry about the quality of these shots from my cell phone. They barely show what was happening here this morning as the sun started to peek over the horizon. It was a clear night and a storm started to move in right at sun up. So the Eastern sky was all aglow from the rising sun and the Western sky was black from the night and the impending storm. Lightning was flashing everywhere and thunder could be heard rolling all around me for miles.
The sky was darker than it appears here
Then as I drove the half a mile home from work, I noticed something strange in the southwest night sky. As I wrote, the sky was dark. But there was a glowing column arching  from the ground and rising into the dark of night. My first thought was that it was a tornado being side lit from the rising sun. Then as I was parking my car, I noticed a second one in the northwest sky.
What was it? The sun was throwing a rainbow and as the sun rose and the rain got harder, the rainbow first began to fill in across the entire sky. Then as the clouds moved to cover the rising sun, it disappeared. The whole thing lasted about 2 minutes.

An update for everyone about my mother.... She is not doing well at all. It is difficult for her to even stay awake very long. It's all she can do to eat some days. Over the last four days, she's had four cardiac arrest. She has asked not to be resuscitated so they have not done that. She seems to bring herself out of it. However each time, her condition worsens. I am meeting with hospice today and we are moving her to a private room where she can die in peace. As of today, we are stopping her maintenance medications and no longer checking her blood sugar levels. It's all about making her happy and comfortable right now. We don't know how long she has left. So we want to make it as nice as we can. I am there everyday to sit with her and talk about anything and everything that she wants to. Or just watch her sleep. Obviously when her heart stops, there is pain involved. But the good thing is that she does not remember any of it. She just feels tired.

On a lighter note. The thirty day blog challenge continues as does life. So today I am to show you my favorite picture of me and tell you why. This picture was taken last year on our camping trip around the state of Michigan. By my side during the trip was my husband and my dog. What could be better than that? I really was in a happy place. It is difficult to catch me in a photo with a natural smile and rare that my husband has the camera. So for those two things to come together at a time in my life that I was completely happy, makes this my favorite picture of me, of all time.


That corgi :) said...

that does look like a good picture of you; I'm sure when you look at it, it also brings back the memories of the time spent together with those you love.

Beautiful pictures this morning, what a sight to have seen. Because of my faith, I would have looked at it as a gift you were priviledged to see to perhaps help you through these troubling days ahead.

I am so sorry about your mom. I am glad you updated, I was wondering what was going on. I do hope it is peaceful. It is good you are spending the time with her as you can.

I don't know what her beliefs are, but if she does find comfort from the Bible, Psalm 91 is a good one to read at times like this. My brother read it to my mom her final days. I hope I haven't offended by including this; it just came to me as I was writing this comment. If I did, I am sorry.

Again, I am soooo sorry......


AJ-OAKS said...

I am very sorry to hear about your mom's failing health. You are a good person to respect her wishes and to be by her side. Hugs to you.
Love the story behind the picture.
And those pics of the storm are fabulous.
Here's another hug for you.

Calling Ravens said...

In your line of work, you've heard all the platitudes, no matter how sincere, so I will just simply state I will be holding you and your mother (and family) in my thoughts.

Your photos of the morning's storm are FAB (for phone photos) the colors are just amazing!!
As for your photo of yourself, I love it! You can just see and feel the happiness coming from it. And, it really is a great candid shot. I think candid shots are soooo much better than posed shots.

Jim said...

Just to say that we are thinking about you and wishing you all the strength you will need to enable your mother to have a painless and caring passing. She is so fortunate to have you at this time in her life.
Nice photo of you....you looked very happy and relaxed. Another trip will be warranted in the not too distant future. You deserve it.

Anonymous said...

Leslie wrote: "I'm sorry about your Mom, Stewart. I am happy though that you are able to be there with her to help make this time pass a little more peacefully. Glad you got a pic of that awesome sky - I didn't have time to grab my camera before it started to fade. Thanks for sharing. :)"

Anonymous said...

Jack wrote: "you always make me smile!"

Stew said...

Thanks for all the comments today. It helps.
My mother is native American and yes, I do see that rare night-time rainbow as some sort of comforting sign.
For right now, all trips are on hold. But I'm sure that when it's all over, we will have a little get-a-way. Perhaps to someplace that she loved to go to.