Wednesday, June 1, 2011

525,600 Minutes

525,600 Minutes, 525,600 Moments so dear.
How do you measure a year?
-In daylights?
-In sunsets?
-In midnights?
-In cups of coffee?
-In laughter and strife?
How about Love.

Every day, I help people to work through the loss of a loved one. I've done this surprisingly with very little loss myself. Over the course of this 30 day blog challenge, I've faced many of my fears and demons. I've also, as you know, lost my own mother. Between those two things and trying to maintain a life of my own with my partner, I have put myself through quite the emotional roller coaster. To add a little more stress to these situations, we have been in the middle of a major kitchen remodel in our home. There have been days with no water at all in the house and days when eating in, was not an option. So there I was, an emotion wreck, without a shower or clean cloths, down at the local diner having a meal or two. Quite the sight.

What have I taken away from all of this?

It's all about LOVE!

As Betty pointed out in yesterday's comments, each day is a gift. In fact, each minute is. How we spend each and every one of those minutes, makes up the whole of our days, weeks, months and years. How will people remember you? How will they measure your life? Measure your life in love.... Seasons of Love.
The story never ends. I hope that my part of the story will be written and I will be remembered as someone that truly loved and was loved. So let's celebrate and remember our lives with love.
Daily, we make choices. Those choices make up who we are tomorrow. If we want people to love us and respect us, then we have to do the same for them. Even the poorest person can afford love and respect to give freely. Those things are free. Give them to everyone that you know and the left overs, give to those people that you don't know, yet.

How will the value of your days be measured?
What will matter most is not what you have, but what you gave.
What will matter most is not your success, but your signifigance.
What will matter is how long you will be remembered by whom and for what.
A life of meaning and purpose and happiness.
That is what matters most. Spend each minute wisely.

Day 30 has finally come. It calls for a recent photo and something that I've learned over this 30 days. I had no idea what I was getting into. I hope that you've gotten some enjoyment out of this too. I can say that it's been a learning experience and I feel like a more enlightened and better man for having done it. Thanks for coming along for the ride. Stay tuned.

Portions of this post have been borrowed from Anthony Rapp's song, "Seasons of Love" from the Broadway Musical "Rent".


betty said...

I have enjoyed reading your 30-day challenge; like I think I mentioned before, I think you really put some thought into the questions raised on it and your answers were honest and heart felt. I'm sure over time you may come back and read these questions/answers of the 30 day challenge and learn more about yourself from it.

It does all come down to love indeed. And how you will be remembered and how you want to be remembered and how you lived your life for how many days, minutes you are given. Won't get too religious on you, but I always think Jesus said it so simply and if we just lived like that, what a better world it would be and what a better world we would leave. (love God and love your neighbor as yourself).

It is all love.

Grieving is hard work. I've said that before. And allow yourself the time to grieve. It is interesting how there is a lot going on in one's life too around a loss. Sometimes the distractions can be good, sometimes not, but I think in the end you will weather it all and with each passing day it will get just a touch better, but still grief will come when you least expect it, but surrounded by love, it will help ease the pain.

may the day be a loving one


936000 said...

Congrats on making it to day 30! With your 30 day blog challenge, I feel that I have gotten to know a lovely blogger named Stew and I will definitely stay tuned!

Love and blessing Stew, and to your hubby too!


Jim said...

Good for you Stew for sticking with this challenge and I am glad that you feel it was worth it to do so.
Grieving is an unpredictable occurrence. It is also a very personal one. I had a very intense relationship with my Mom. It was a loving one but also a difficult one. So this is what I brought to the time I was grieving for her after she died. It got pretty intense for a while but gradually dissipated until now when I can think of her with very fond and loving memories.
Ron was a lot 'closer' to his Mom. And when she passed he had an extremely difficult time. But after time it got better. So everyone will react differently.
You really have a knack to get people talking don't you?! No wonder you are so good at what you do for a living.

MorningAJ said...

With everything you've been through you have done so well to reach day 30. I'm sure you'll always find love in your life because you're clearly a loving person.

Rick Bettencourt said...

Sorry about your Mom.

This song does have some great lyrics. Thanks for reminding me about it.