Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Visitor from beyond

Years ago, when I first built my house, there was plenty of wildlife in the area. They had recently paved the main road and there were still farms growing corn and rhubarb, all around me. One day, I looked up from cleaning my car and there was a young female deer staring at me. Obviously lost, she grunted at me, jumped over my small car and continued down the street at a trot speed.

Since that day, we haven't had much more than the many birds that frequent our yard and some rabbits. Once they cleared the small area of woods that neighbored my street and built condos, it just hasn't been the same.

Then the other day, out of nowhere, I looked out the front door to see this little fella. He was, like the deer, very lost. He obviously didn't realize that a dog lived here as he came right up to the door.
He explored the yard, meandering around checking things out.
When he got too close to the robins nest, got chased away a little.

I quietly watched as he explored.
 Of course I didn't let Pugsley know that someone was in his yard or he would have wanted to go out and play.
 Perhaps our visitor will return someday from wherever he came from.
 Pugs was raised by his big brother Dash (the rabbit that I've mentioned before) and is always looking for new friends. Too bad these wild ones don't realize how gentle he is.



That corgi :) said...

he's cute! It would be interesting to see the interaction between him and Pugsley; I'm thinking even in Pugsley gentleness, the squirrel will still be a little shy and scamper away.

If the squirrel finds food somewhere, I'm sure he will be back.

Where we used to live (mind you in a city, not a rural area) the guy next door had fruit trees and he would also set up bird feeders for the birds. The squirrels would come and try to get into the bird feeders. He would trap them and take the squirrels away, only to have them return a few weeks later. It was almost "comical" in that you would see two squirrels for a bit, then you wouldn't, then you would again. (they used our yard as a place to access the neighbor's yard). Our dog was not fond of them and when he saw them, he'd go crazy to be allowed out to chase them away. They got wise to him I think and knew when he napped so they could have safe passage.

Here we see lots of wildlife for some reason. Not so much where I am now, but before we moved five months ago, we had bunnies, squirrels, coyotes in our neighborhood. And again this was a city.

Anyway, I do hope you get to see your visitor again and I hope all is well.


Stephanie said...

We have the crazy squirrel, as the kids like to call him! He is very much use to people and will allow to get almost in arms reach to him. One day I was walking out our front door and he was perched on the tree in our front yard. I walked by as normal and he jumped off the tree onto the sidewalk in front of me! I stopped and then took one step expecting him to run off, but he didn't! he actually did a little slight lunge at me, as if to challenge me on my sidewalk! Not sure what to do I stood there still expecting him to still run off..what seemed like forever but was I'm sure just seconds I decided not to take any chances and I walked around him as he STILL stood on MY sidewalk! Since then we have been able to pick out our "Crazy" squirrel by is behaviors and not to mention he is missing some fur on his back, I'm sure due to the birds he has challenged! :)

Hopefully your friend won't be crazy and you can enjoy his company :)

Calling Ravens said...

I love that first photo-it's adorable!

Jim said...

Good that you were able to capture such great shots of the squirrel.

sophie...^5 said...

We have a squirrel living in the tool shed destroying this and I've got to figure out how to stop the carnage. I guess if I fill up the hole he chewed through the door that might help. We are fortunate the deer haven't ventured(knock on wood) into out yard 'cos they would have a feast for certain. The wildlife have it's place and sometimes near us humans its not so good for them.