Friday, June 10, 2011

New Life

This season's new hopefuls

Since this blog is about life, today I'd like to show you what the universe has dropped on our front porch. Well, about 20 feet from our front porch. 

Mama bird keeping the eggs warm

Evidently, everything went so well the last time, that our local robin family has set up their nest once again in the crotch of the white pine in our garden. They have a fertile yard to hunt for worms in and the protection of our little guard dog to keep the predators away. Again, the nest is only about 3 feet off the ground. They never really mind when we are in the yard, gardening or even mowing the grass. Often I will find Pugsley sitting right under the nest in the shade of the tree. He protects them from the other birds and anything else that may wander in the yard. They seem right at home, as they should.
The day they hatched

Protective mama



betty said...

how exciting for the eggs to have hatched! and that the robins felt comfortable to return to your tree to nest again! I think it is neat that Pugsley protects and guards and doesn't try to chase them away (like my dog would do, sadly). The robins must feel very comfortable there to call it home two years in a row, I'm sure that is a nice feeling for you and yours that you have provided a secure loving environment for them :)

hope you are doing as good as you can be doing during this season of your life,


Admin said...


936000 said...

How very cool! I am envious as in early winter, I collect nests from the previous season and use them on my Solstice tree. That is an awesome nest! Also very, very cool that she is not bothered by you!

Unknown said...

Meggs, I am totally stealing your Solstice tree idea.