Monday, June 20, 2011

New Life Update

These are rough, unedited videos that I wanted to share with you today.
This video was shot just 4 days ago of our baby robins.

This one was shot just yesterday.

This morning I came home to find the largest of the babies sitting outside the nest on a lower branch.

Moments later as Pugsley was doing his morning thing, he (or she) took off for his first flight. Did rather good for the first time flying. Better than I would, I'm sure. The parents are on high alert, keeping most all of the other birds away. They don't seem to mind Pugsley at all and he just likes to watch them.
The other babies seem like they might be another day or two before taking off.
What an exciting day.


936000 said...

For me, it is still so amazing how fast it all goes, from nest building to fledging! How cool that is right where you have a great view. Great video-thanks for sharing!

betty said...

very neat!! I too find it amazing that one was out there already practicing his flying skills!!

I saw the neatest thing yesterday (no relationship to the nest) but I like hawks/falcons so I'm always on the lookout for them. I saw one going across the road when we were driving home and going down into a field. Then literally right in front of our windshield a moment later it was flying with a mouse in its mouth! I didn't see the mouse but hubby did. I saw the majestic colorful wings. Truly an awesome sight (except for the mouse of course).

enjoy the robins!


John Going Gently said...

the most tenacious of birds..... quite fearless in the wild