Monday, June 13, 2011

A walk in the outback

Not that "Outback". But it seemed hot enough for it.
92 in the shade according to this gage.

Fortunately, we have a few more trees to shade us than the Aussie Outback.

Just outside of town, across from the railroad tracks, sits a lovely stone cottage where my husband grew up.His 92 year old father and his 58 year old brother still live there. They are both a little obsessed with old vehicles.

We were there the other day preparing our boat for the water this year and I decided to take a little walk. Hidden in all the weeds, I was able to find these lovely beauties that have been collected.

It would look like a junk yard if they were all parked near each other. But they are spread out hear and there.

There is also tractors, boats and anything else you can think of.

These boys sure do love their toys.

Some collector would wet their pants over this mess.



Jim said...

You can say that again! These vehicles are fantastic! Relics from the past. A lot of $$$ there.

betty said...

wow, there are quite a few vehicles there!! Certainly worth quite a bit of money when properly restored! Wonder what the plans are for them down the road....

enjoyed your walk in the roads, looks like a scenic area.

neat too with perhaps boating adventures down the line to help escape some of that heat!


936000 said...

I love old trucks. It would be wonderful if these could be restored!

John Going Gently said...

those trucks look like something out of deliverence!

Unknown said...

Yes, there are some beauties here for sure. And someday, someone will love these trucks again. But for now, they will sit and wait for that love.
It's funny you should say that John, because visiting there is something out of deliverence sometimes.

Stephanie said...

I love them!...What great photo props! I'm thinking this would be an awesome location for some pictures of two people I know ;)

Craig said...

It's a good job they have lots of wooded land in which to keep them all. They'd look a bit much in your average suburban garden!

Unknown said...

I like the term, suburban garden, that's great.

Stephanie, you'd have to deal with the two kooks that live there while trying to shoot.