Friday, April 29, 2011

Goals for the future

And we're back! The 30 day blog challenge returns. Picking up at lucky number 13, where I left off last week. Sorry for the interruption but life calls sometimes and you just have to go.

So day 13 ask me to write about my goals. I've given this one a lot of thought. I am the type of guy that goes with the flow for the most part. I've found that if I put too much effort into trying to make things a certain way, I just end up frustrated and disappointed. If I were to answer this question as a younger man, I would write about my goals for a career ,family or maybe a kewl car. Well, I love the family that I have made and as for a career, I've got my choices if it becomes necessary. As for a kewl car, I've already owned my dream car ( a 1991 Mercury Capri, two seat convertible). 
I've had all the toys; a vacation home, jet ski, boat,
fabulous vacations with great friends. So I'm over all of that. I'm to the point now that I just want to hang around the house with my dog, take the occasional vacation and enjoy life.

To answer this question today, I'd have to say that my biggest goal is help those around me to become comfortable with their own lives. I see so many friends and co-workers struggling every day to make things happen the way they think it should be. I'd really like for everyone to see that life is exactly the way it is supposed to be. And that everything will be alright tomorrow. I'm not going to stress about the future or try to make it into something that it shouldn't be. I'll just enjoy and share it with my friends.


That corgi :) said...

that is a good goal to have, it does take a different way of thinking to have that philosophy not to stress about the future, especially this day and age. Enjoying and sharing life with friends is a great goal! I like it!!

so do enjoy the weekend :)


Calling Ravens said...

Hang around the house with the dog...and enjoy life.
A worthy goal indeed! Great post and have a great weekend!