Saturday, April 30, 2011

Last year

Day fourteen on my list for this thirty day blog challenge ask for me to post a photo of me from last year. This would take us back to when I started this blog about living. This first picture is from the trip that we took our parents on, in March of 2010. Last years cruise

Who could know that when we took them on this trip of a lifetime then, that it would be their last. But it just goes to show that you need to enjoy life while you can because there are no guarantees for tomorrow. They all three still talk about what a wonderful time that they had. Anyone looking to follow my lead on this one, just be warned that it was not all that glamorous for me, being the one that had to do all the work to make sure that everyone was having a good time. It was however, one of the most rewarding things that I've ever done and I'll never regret any of the effort that went into it.

After returning home to spring in Michigan and having been away from my Pugsley for a week, I decided then that he would always come first in my life because he relies on me for everything. Him and I spent many days wandering the woods in the local parks and even camping and hiking for a week. Of course we let my husband come along too. Someone had to take pictures.
Over the past year, I've really come to appreciate life. Every single minute of it. Watching my parents age and grow to be dependant on others and witnessing the never-ending love that my dog Pugsley gives me has been some of the biggest lessons in life. I've grown to love and accept all the people around me much more. We are all different. We each deserve the opportunity to express ourselves however we want to. And to not be ridiculed for doing so.

This has been a year of learning for me.

What happened over the last year that has helped you to grow?



Anonymous said...

Jack wrote: "I bought a house - what an eye opener after 5 years in an apt!"

That corgi :) said...

That was very nice of you to help orchestrate the cruise for your parents and be such an active part of making it successful for them.I like the picture of you aboard the ship (or do they call them boats, I always get that wrong). Looks like you are relaxed in it (although I am sure you were far from relaxed with all the goings on around you). Pugsley is a cute one indeed; I can see why you would enjoy spending time with him.

This past January we moved into my husband's parents' home as they have been in assisted living for almost the past year. We took over the house so to speak (although the house has overtaken us with all their clutter being dealt with). Hubby left a very nice paying job that he hated and became basically unemployed. I'm not fond of where we are at for a variety of reasons but through it all I think I'm learning something, I rely a lot on faith and trust so I'm trying to rely a lot on faith and trust these days.

great thoughts you left here about the fraility of life and how quick things can change in one's life and one's family's life


Jim said...

Stew, it appears that we live in a 'parallel universe'! This year has been similar for me with care of a parent and trying to accept siblings who can make 'things' difficult.
I enjoy reading your posts, they are 'quiet' and soothing.

Stew said...

Jim- I know about that parallel universe, I've been watching your blog as well. It's soothing from this end too, knowing that I am not alone.

Betty- Before my parents moved to assisted living, I bought the house next door to me and moved them there. My brother took over thier house. Only to decide to move and leave all the clean up for me. I not only had my parents stuff, but my brothers left-behinds too. And I too cut my hours and pay to deal with everything.
Somehow in the end, I feel a sence of accomplishment that my siblings may never know.

Calling Ravens said...

What a wonderful post and I love the photos! I especially love what you said about expression and ridicule.