Saturday, April 16, 2011

Happiness in a glance

I read an article that said that you should never blog about your dog. That regardless of your love for your dog, no one else cares. I know a few people that would disagree with that statement. And then I ran across day six. I need to show a picture of something that makes me happy.  This picture was taken on my old phone with lousy resolution. When I got a new phone, I had the pictures transferred to it and immediately set this photo as my wallpaper. Now, whenever I check the time or take out the phone for any reason at all (sometimes just to see the picture) I see my little Pugzy Bear.

Pugsley is a mixed breed. Half Chow Chow and half Pekingese. His mother was the Chow and his father was the Pekingese with a step ladder. He has the temperment of both. His loyalty and love is neverending for me and me alone. He puts up with my husband and friends. He guards the house with a bark that would scare anyone but is great in public until someone tries to touch him. And really, being so cute and fluffy, everyone wants to pet him.

There he is, Pugsley Adams. And the picture that makes me happy everytime I see it.

Now, a question for you. And yes, I do care. What makes you happy?


Jim said...

Oh Pugsley you are CUTE!
Laughter makes me happy.

Anonymous said...

Jack wrote: "seeing you and the Pugz together makes me very happy!"

Leslie wrote: "Catching my cat, Pai Mei playing with Baillie when he thinks we aren't looking. :)"

Jerilyn wrote: "Traveling with Molly, my husky/lab mix and watching her trail at search and rescue training."

That corgi :) said...

LOL about that article never to blog about your dog; my blog is named after the dog and he is featured about 50% of the time and I think people enjoy reading about him; I do know when I wrote that he had cancer, it was one of my most commented blogs.

Your Pugz is so cute!! I like how you described his father. That is an interesting mix indeed with the Chow as the mom. He seems like a great dog and companion for you and yours! It is amazing how they do become such a vital part of our households.

What makes me happy.......I'll have to come back to this later....not going through a particularly happy time right now.......


Anonymous said...

Jamie wrote: "When my cat Daisy wants to play fetch."

Anonymous said...

Jack wrote: "Oh Rooney brings me lots of love, as long as the treats hold out!"

Calling Ravens said...

Only non-dog people make comments like that. Look up the statistic and when people say something like that say, gee I guess that is why XX million dollars are spent each year on PET products. LOL!
Your Pugsley is beautiful and may you give each other happiness for years to come!
(I'm not to day 6 yet, so I will wait to answer).