Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Best friends

Things have been slow in the burial business the last couple of weeks which has given me more time to spend with my ailing mother. And this 30 day blog challenge has helped me keep my mind off from my ailing mother when I need to. We had a couple of days that warmed up quite necely. But it's taken a turn back toward winter again here. This picture was taken on Saturday as we were working on cleaning up the yard from the long winter.
It was windy and a bit on the cool side but we got all the work done that needed it. Sunday night, they were talking about that four letter "s" word in the forcast all night. At about 3am I still had not seen any of the offensive white stuff. So I pulled out my phone and checked the weather again. It read, "partly cloudy all day". At 6am, the sun was starting to rise and still no sign of snow. I went home and let Pugsley outside for his morning romp around the yard. Suddenly there was a scratch at the door. I went to see what he wanted and he stood there on the porch covered in snow. By the time it was done, there was two inches of "partly cloudy" all over everything. Since the temperature was in the mid thirties, most of it was gone by 5pm. I guess Old Man Winter isn't done with us yet.

So today is day nine of this 30 day blog challenge. Following the directions given, I'm to show a favorite picture of my best friend. I have nothing but the best friends a guy could want so the choice was a difficult one and all of you just about ended up with your faces on the Internet forever. I really do love and appreciate each and every one of my close friends. I decided however not to cop out and do that. I would have to say that even though life has dragged him away from me (to Texas!) that Jonathan has been my longest running, closest friend that I've ever had. If anything, the distance between us, has made us closer. You've already read how he helped me to find my way when I was still discovering who I was. And yes, he is the topic of Day three; my first love. He and I have been through more than any two friends should ever have to and we've lived to tell about it. I will always love him and I am hoping that he comes home for his sister's wedding this summer so we can spend some quality time together. Ladies and gentleman, I present to you..... Jonathan.
I love your hair in this shot Jon


That corgi :) said...

I do hope Jon gets to come and visit this summer so you can spend some time in person together. It is hard when best friends move away, but it sounds like you guys are doing good trying to keep the friendship going; so many drift away in circumstances like that.

The flowers were pretty. Having lived eight years in Montana, I can truly relate to one day of spring and the next day snow again, often unpredictable but it never stayed around for long which was nice! I do remember kids' egg hunts at Easter held in snow and people making Easter bunny snowmen.

It is good that you had the time to spend with your mother in this season of her life. It is good you are taking the time too to spend with her.

may the day be a good one


Calling Ravens said...

"two inches of 'partly cloudy' all over everything" -that was dead clever! Should I make it worse and tell you I have had to turn on the air conditioner at the office when I arrive this morning!
It's wonderful you have such a great friend and here is to many more years!
Great post!

Jim said...

'Nice to meet your acquaintance, Jonathan!'
Long friendships are hard to come by but when they do survive, they are the BEST!
Beautiful Daffs Stew!