Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The meaning of the title

Thanks for the support as I start this little endevour. To answer a question from yesterday, yes I answer to Stew. But obviously that is not my first name. And since I don't know y'alls middle names, my first shall stay where it is, on a dusty old shelf in the closet hidden away on the pages of my passport.

Day two of the thirty day blog challenge ask of me to give the meaning behind my blog name.

When you work in a business such as mine, people often think of all the bad stuff. They always ask about things like "Do I embalm the bodies?" or "How do you deal with all the sadness?"

My goal is to clear up a few facts. People often see us as "dark". We dress in black and often come in the night. But we are people like everyone else. And we enjoy life, like everyone else. We are here to help people get through the hardest part of life....... death. As it stands, there is a 100% mortality rate amongst people on earth. While that's not a fact that anyone wants to hear, it is true. But we are here for the survivors. The people that are still alive. While one life has come to an end, we are all still here and we must go on. In my own way, I try to lighten the atmosphere a little. I try to brighten their day while they are still on this side of the grave. A brighter side, of the grave.

I love to hear the stories of people's lives. From the minute we are born our personal story begins. It doesn't have to end the minute that you die though. The lives that we touch along the way, no matter how long or short the life is, are a continuation of our own story. There are millions of stories to be shared. None are ever the same. Each and every life is a wonderful thing and I hope to hear and share as many of those stories as I can.
Even after death there are often odd or funny things that happen on our way to the cemetery. It's those things too, that brighten my day and add to my story. And I love to share the stories with you.

So there you have it. A brighter side of the grave isn't about death at all. It's about life.


That corgi :) said...

I like your philosophy and I agree with your statistic, LOL. Like I have heard it say 1/1 people will die. Can't beat those odds I guess. I would imagine it takes a lot of compassion to be able to work in such an industry and I am sure there are hard days too especially dealing with the deaths of young ones.


sophie...^5 said...

Yes, your slant on life has brightened my day....laughing a lot, curious a lot and just plain enjoying a lot!

Stew said...

Just doin' my job.

Jim said...

Still don't know how you do it. But glad you do so well at it.

Calling Ravens said...

That was stated just beautifully!