Friday, April 15, 2011

A song in my heart

Each day, like many of you do, I receive "Notes form the Universe". Yesterday's note reminds us that each day is special by asking the question;
 "Can you think of anything more valuable than just another day?"
How could anyone answer anything except a resounding NO.
Day five brings me to; A song to match my mood.
This was a tough one. Often any dance tune will get me going or even the sounds of a classical piano.
If you put on some ABBA, I am a dancing queen.
I choose this song because it not only shows my mood, but it demonstrates my way of life.
It's by two of my favorite singers, Jason & deMarco.
They are a real life gay couple showing that there can be a coalition of being gay and a person of faith in God.
They travel the country performing at gay pride festivals and churches everywhere.
The charity work that they do with young adults is nothing short of amazing. I've been to many of their concerts and supported them through different means over the years.
In return, they remind me to always "Be the Light"...

I take this philosophy with me every ordinary day.

And that's my song.


Jim said...

And I thought your song would be 'Dancing Queen'!!!! This is our favourite 'disco' tune from the 70's.

These two guys are doing really great work and hopefuuly influencing lots of people out there.

That corgi :) said...

Hadn't heard it before; it is a good song with a good message. It is interesting how certain songs define us isn't it? Or inspire us, or comfort us, etc. Music is such a power genre I do believe.