Monday, April 4, 2011


Friday, we welcomed a distraction from sitting in the nursing home, feeding and caring for my mother. My sister is the booking agent for the area theatre and gets us tickets to various shows. Momix is a company of dancer/illusionist under the direction of Moses Pendleton. They do stage performances as well as film and television appearances. They've performed at the Golden Globe Awards and on PBS shows as well as Target commercials. The show Botanica follows a poem that traverses the four seasons.  A very creative mind put it all together and some amazingly talented dancers performed the likes I've never witnessed before. If you ever get the chance to see their show, I'd recommend it.

After the show, we decided to visit another of my sisters at her new place of work. She has just started as the head cook at a very popular club in the heart of our little town. Unfortunately, we missed her and dinner by about ten minutes. The club only serves food until 10pm. But we enjoyed a drink and then went to find some eats.

All in all, it was a nice night. After over a week of non-stop mom-sitting, it was nice to get out and do something. Mom's condition hasn't changed at all. She is not eating much and has no energy to even stay awake for very long. We have moved her from the hospital to a nursing facility where she can be better cared for. I still stay by her side so she knows that we haven't forgotten her and that we love her. I've just finished work for the day and since there is no funeral scheduled for today, I'm heading over there now to help her with her breakfast. Maybe today I'll be able to get her to eat.


AJ-OAKS said...

Yes, it does us all good to get out for a few to collect our thoughts and restore our energy.
Sending postive thoughts to your Mom and to you.
I can 'feel' the love you have for her and it is wonderful.

Jim said...

Stew, I can imagine how tiring it has been for you and your family. Your mother will appreciate what you are doing. We did the same for Ron's Mom. after we had her back into her house and everything set up. It was difficult but so worth it for everybody involved.
Good thoughts to you.