Sunday, April 10, 2011

spring is springing

Last years daffodils
While the rest of the northern hemisphere has experienced some signs of spring, that has not been the case here in southwest Michigan. Our high temps have reached only a high of 50 f. or so. Needless to say, when the weather report said that we would have 75* today, we all got a little excited. So far at 5pm we have reached a year long high of 81*! (27c) The jackets were hung by the door with care, knowing that we will need them tomorrow. And even though I have to work tonight, I am never one to waste an opportunity. A little sunshine does a body good you know. Unfortunately Pugsley doesn't agree with me that it is so beautiful outside. He's only just begun to loose his winter coat. Therefore, he'd like to lay in the shade for a while. Hopefully with the warmth, we'll have some of those flowers that our yard is known for, start to pop up.

Mom is stable in the nursing home. She hasn't improved much but she hasn't gotten worse either. The nice part is that they have her eating. But her energy level is still almost a big zero. While visiting her today, I was able to get her in the wheelchair and took her outside for a little fresh air and sunshine. My sister brought my Dad by for a little while and I gave them some space to sit and chat. It's funny how the bickering stops when someone gets sick. It was so nice to see them sitting holding hands and talking quietly.

Watch in the morning for a new direction for this blog to go....


Janet said...

I`am sure your mum appreciated some time alone with your dad -and just to sit outside in the fresh air with the sun on her face after such a long cold winter -helped lift her spirits a little .

Jim said...

You're moving?!

Good to hear your Mom has improved a bit......spring is full of surprises and energy. Hopefully she will get some of it.

Have to wait till morning? Oh well......

That corgi :) said...

hoping the weather stays warm for a bit and you don't have to bounce back to sweaters/coats again. I'm glad your mom is holding her own, but I am sure it is a stressful time for all; looking forward to seeing which way your blog may be going