Thursday, April 21, 2011


Justin wrote yesterday that he wouldn't be able to do something like this 30 day blog challenge because he didn't think he could follow up on it everyday. I'd have to say that I'd agree with you on that buddy. It has been difficult as I do have a life going on as well. He goes on to say that no one would care also. To that, I don't know. Some of the topics, yeah, I can see them as redundant. What it is doing for me is keeping my mind working on something different all the time and you just never know what is going to spark someones interest. What is mundane to me, might be fascinating to someone else.

Day eleven's topic is about my favorite television shows. This one is a bit of a flat line for me because I only watch tv when I have nothing else to do. And I think that we all know by now that Stew rarely has nothing else to do. I will admit that "The Amazing Race" and "Survivor" rank pretty high on my list. About those, I wish they'd stop bringing back old players. Give someone new a chance. But other than that, I will fall back on almost any HGTV or DIY channel show. As a designer myself, I am constantly seeing what they are doing and thinking how I can improve it or what I might have done differently. Occasionally I'll get a good idea or two from them though. My own home is in a constant state of change and remodeling. I am starting to think that I should pick up a side job soon or I'll go broke from my own home improvements. I need my fix you know.

Just a short one today. I am off work now and off to the nursing home to visit Mom. Thanks for playing along with me.


That corgi :) said...

I haven't watched much of those two shows you mentioned nor caught any on HGTV or DIY shows (I'm not even too sure we get them on a cable deal). TV for me is background noise when I'm on the computer plus I have a channel hopping husband so I never know what we are going to watch or be in the middle of watching and then he hops to something else.

I did get "hooked" on LOST a few summers ago, catching up on season one to season four on DVD before season five came out and spent too many hours trying to figure out what was going on in that show. I was disappointed with the way it ended so I vowed never to get hooked on another show. This year though, I started watching American Idol (I know) and am "hooked" to see who will be this season's idol. Its a good diversion for what is going on in my life these days so I'll take that few hours of mindless TV I do suppose.

I hope you have a good visit with your mom.


AJ-OAKS said...

Catching up with what has been going on with you.
Have really enjoyed reaading your 30 day challenge. Very interesting. Maybe, just maybe I may give it a shot myself!
I hope your Mom is doing better.

Calling Ravens said...

He might be surprised if he decided to join in. Let me know if he does and I will definitely check in!
I think if I had to start over again, I would definitely change some of the topics.
I thought of one last night that I think would be cool to read. What lesson have you learned that has brought you the most JOY? (Everyone talks about their hardest lesson-I want to spin it).
Anyway...TV will be difficult for me too. I don't watch much telly.
Thanks for playing along too! :))

Stew said...

@ Betty, I got hooked on Lost from day one. Long about half way through season two, they LOST me and I never finished watching it.

@ Cindy, the challenge is tougher than you'd think it is.

@ Meggs If you think you have a better topic, then I say change one that you don't like. The challenge is to write about the topic. If you don't feel anything for it, then I say "move on".

Calling Ravens said...

Excellent advice! Thanks, I just may. . .
I am off to catch up with what you posted over the weekend. . .