Friday, April 22, 2011

Sign of the crucifix

Today is Earth Day 2011. Let's all see what little bit more we can do to be a little more friendly to our environment. Because the truth is, the earth will be just fine. It's us that needs the help.

On this twelfth day of blogging, my topic is "something you don't leave the house without". Around here, it seems that we are always rushing off to somewhere. And the real trick is to know "where". Most people go off to work in the same direction each day. You follow the same roads so much that you don't even remember driving it sometimes. But somehow, you always end up at work. You'd swear that the car drives itself. Because we are freelance funeral assistants, we could be working at a number of different places. Sometimes even if we know who we are working for, we still don't know which location we are to be going to. Often I will call back to the house and ask, "where am I going?"

Getting dressed is pretty easy. Black pants, white shirt, tie, black coat, shoes. But since we both work other jobs and we try our best to lead somewhat of a life, we are always changing jackets. It's the simple things like my wallet, keys and the all important phone that keep me on my toes trying to keep track of them and keep them with me. So each and every time we leave, we look like (and even joke about it) we are doing the sign of the cross. Making sure I have my glasses, keys, wallet, and phone. Or as my sweet husband says, spectacles, testicle, wallet and watch.


That corgi :) said...

That is a beautiful cross with the candles. I do agree we need to be environment friendly and we also need to look out for our fellow inhabitants on this earth, helping as we can in what capacities we can help with. I love the sign of the cross analogy; I bet it works great for your household to make sure you are prepared for whatever the day holds for you.

make it be a good one today!


Calling Ravens said...

Boy isn't that the truth that we need the help! I loved this and I thank you for the chuckle. Often the Monday following a holiday weekend is quite chaotic, so I really appreciate the morning chuckle.
Great post!